LINDSAYMANAGEMENT SERVICES maintains the Association’s financial records and accounts using the modified-cash accounting method, which is the standard method of accounting for common interest developments.

LINDSAYMANAGEMENT SERVICES renders monthly financial statements and an annual audit of the accounts and records of the Association shall be furnished by a firm of independent certified public accountants.  The Property Manager will coordinate annual audits and any additional audits that may be required by the Association.

LINDSAYMANAGEMENT SERVICES’ employees do not handle Association monies.  Assessments are deposited directly to the bank by means of a lock box service, and all checks are signed by Board Members only.  Our Accounts Payable Department causes funds collected to be disbursed regularly and punctually to satisfy monthly expenses.

LINDSAYMANAGEMENT SERVICES assists in the timely action on delinquencies including late notices, liens, and coordination of foreclosure or money complaint judgments. Accounts and records are open for inspection by the Association members at any reasonable time, as required by State Civil Code.

LINDSAYMANAGEMENT SERVICES assists the Treasurer and Association’s Accountant in the preparation of an operating budget setting forth an itemized statement of the anticipated receipts and disbursements for the new fiscal year.  We will work in conjunction with the Association’s Treasurer and Accountant to file all forms, reports, and returns, as required by California Law.


After Hour Emergencies: All after-hour emergencies are given directly to the assigned managers who are equipped with mobile phones when not in the office.  If the manager is not immediately available, there are two back-up managers who can respond to an emergency.  If a complaint is not an emergency, the caller is advised that it will be addressed the next normal business day to avoid excessive weekend or holiday costs for repair personnel.  All phone calls are returned the same day whenever possible and, excepting very unusual circumstances, within 24 hours.

Website Design and Hosting: We at LINDSAY MANAGEMENT SERVICES provide state of the art website access for our communities. From design, hosting and document upload, we do it all in-house, so that your website has the most up to date information available to your community members 24/7. With a custom tailored website, you will find that your homeowners will have access to community information they so often need, when they need it, no matter what time it is and without having to search their personal records.

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions(CC&R’S): Many CC&Rs were written in the1960's and 1970's and are obsolete today.  References to the developer may no longer apply and state laws have overridden some sections of the CC&Rs.  As your Management Company we will advise regarding new acts of legislation and we can confer with the Association’s attorney.

Rules & Regulations: LINDSAY MANAGEMENT SERVICES will assist the Board and its Committee in establishing rules and regulations including an effective rules enforcement program.

Communication: Procedures dictate what we can do in response to a resident’s request. Requests are to be in writing so the Board may review them at the monthly meeting and take appropriate action.  All written requests receive a written response giving the Board a “paper trail” of their actions.  All correspondence, both incoming and outgoing,  is presented in monthly Board Meeting packets and reviewed by the Board members at each meeting.

Contract Supervision: LINDSAY MANAGEMENT SERVICES does not implement overrides in contracting.  Where additional management hours are needed in contract administration, it is our experience that hourly rates are significantly more cost effective to the Association.

Insurance: Because of the relationship with the Association, we are automatically insured under your insurance policies for Association related matters.  We will assist the Association in obtaining insurance for fire, flood, earthquake, public liability, directors and officers liability, workers compensation, and fidelity bonding.

Minutes: Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings are presented as recorded by the Secretary of the Association, and Acting Secretary, or a Recording Secretary.